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For those of us who supported through the Racial Justice bundle, could you consider providing the future version or future updates?

I guess you would play the new person in the full game? That's a great idea for a demo

I got this game part of a bundle and the concept is cool, being a barista and making coffee orders. Though when I finished through the dialogue/story and finished the coffee making part, i was confused as why the game just stopped there. I was expecting more. I guess this was just a demo. 

Every scene change the volume resets to max. None of the ESC menu buttons also appear to work.


Thanks for bringing those bugs to our attention, we'll be working on a patch soon


This is really, really cute. I like the mechanics a lot too. In this demo, it seems like we're leaving for college, but the synopsis makes it sound like our job is new. Does the main game take place prior to the demo?

I'm looking forward to further updates and more Gabe! <3


Thanks for checking it out! The main game takes place after the demo with a new main character as they start working at The Java Joint. 

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i got this game in the bundle and i want you to know imma try this game specifically for the brew pun yall made in the description.


Thanks for taking a look! and we hope you enjoy your time at the cafe :)